CSS functions — Learn about CSS function 2022

Hey, I hope you are doing great. In this article, we’ll talk about CSS functions. So without wasting time let’s see what are these.

CSS Functions

CSS functions are used as a value for various CSS properties. So basically we use it to evaluate some of the CSS values. Let’s see some of the functions.

  1. attr()

This function is used to access value of the element’s attributes. Let’s understand it with the example.

You can see we have a “div” with “data-bg” a custom attribute and now I can access its value inside CSS using attr(). So, that’s how you can do a lot of fun stuffs.

So the output will be something like this.

2. calc()

After attr() we have calc(). As the name suggests, it helps in performing calculations for CSS values. This can be useful when we want to do precise calculation.

In the above code I used calc() to set div’s width and height.

3. max()

Then we have max(), It takes two value and use the largest value for that CSS property. This can be useful in making responsive width and heights.

The div will have the maximum possible width and height in this case, if 50% is greater than 500px than its width will be 50% otherwise it will be 500px, same for height also.

4. min()

And the last but not least, we have min(), It takes two value and use the smallest value for that CSS property. This is opposite of max().

So the output of this will be exact opposite to our max(). It will set the smallest value as its width and height.

That’s it. We do have some more functions but they are not generally used. If you do have any doubt feel free to ask me in comments or you can join my discord server. We’ll talk there.

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With that all. Thanks for reading 😎



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